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OSHA compliance for small business is expensive. It takes full-time effort to keep current on state and federal regulations, and few businesses can devote a full-time person to this task. Nonetheless, failure to do so results in an increased risk of work related accidents, administrative penalties or both.

Occupational Safety and Health Consultant, Inc. (OSHC, INC.) wants to help. We have developed a program through which your company can meet its compliance burden without the necessity of locating and employing a full-time safety director. You get the expertise you need at a cost you can afford - with no employer taxes, health insurance or vacation days.

We begin with a Facility Safety Review - a walk through examination of your facility to determine what programs are in place and what is needed to bring you into compliance. The FSR is conducted by experienced safety consultants who can identify hazards and potential violations. A written report is provided to memorialize our findings.
OSHC will prepare a general safety program demonstrating your company's commitment to a safe workplace, as well as the more specific written programs which are required for your type of business. These will be customized to your facility where necessary. They would include items such as Hazard Communications, Lockout/Tagout, Confined Space Entry, etc.
Training Many consultants will offer you a notebook full of paper, but few are willing or able to provide the training for your personnel which is necessary to properly implement your safety programs. At Occupational Safety and Health Consultants, Inc. we do the training. From new employees to training-the -trainer, we provide the information your people need to implement and maintain a safe workplace. Training may be on site or at our facility, depending on the nature of the training and the number of people to be trained.
Although written programs and training are a prerequisite to OSHA compliance, the ultimate test is implemented and accepted by our employees. We will visit your facility unannounced on approximately a quarterly basis to provide a "checkup" on how well the programs are working This shows your employees that you place great importance on safety, as well as providing additional opportunities to identify problems before they produce injuries.
Library OSHC has established a Safety Resource Library comprised of numerous training and research materials. We have numerous safety videos, and have all of the OSHA General Industry and Construction regulations on computer.

Citation Assistance

Despite all of the above efforts, we cannot guarantee (no one can) that you will never receive an OSHA citation. However, we will be there to help if you do. Upon receiving a citation, notify us immediately. We will assist you in preparing for and attending the informal conference. If prompt action is taken, citations can often be significantly reduce.

Make a Commitment to Safety!

Don't wait a moment longer to deal with the issue of safety in your workplace. You can maximize your company's potential by focusing on your core business and doing what you do best. Let Occupational Safety and Health Consultants, Inc., do what it does best, ensuring safety in your workplace. Together we will reduce workplace injuries and administrative fines, thereby improving long term profitability.

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